Double u slot patch antenna

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elliptical patch with single U-slot and double U-slot. So we are comparing return loss, 3D gain plot, 2D gain plot and Radiation pattern. Designs of both single and double U-slot are shown below. The design of ellipticalpatch antenna with single U-slot by using HFSS software is shown above in figure (1) (2)

A rectangular microstrip antenna with two U-shaped slots on the patch is described. Using a foam layer of thickness ~8% wavelength as the supporting substate, an impedance bandwidth of 44% is ... Bridged Double U-Slot Microstrip Patch Antenna for ... Bridged Double U-Slot Microstrip Patch Antenna for Wireless Communication Rajneesh Kumar Patel1, Mr. Nitesh Kumar2 1,2 Department of Electronics & Communication Engineering, Sagar Institute of Research, Technology and Science Design of double U-slot microstrip patch antenna array for ... Abstract: In this paper, a double U-slot microstrip patch antenna array for Worldwide interoperability for microwave access (WiMAX) is presented. The uniqueness of this design is that a double U-slot patch is designed on a single substrate with single feed. Antenna array is developed to increase the gain.

The proposed geometry comprised of suspended truncated circular microstrip antenna, with double U slot etched on the radiating element. The design parameters are radius of circular patch, width and length of slot, height of air gap.

Antenna Design, Analysis and Simulation | 2017-11-29 The libraries also include: dipole, biconical, and log periodic antenna, parabolic reflector, slot antenna and PIFA, state-of-the-art models such as fractal, substrate integrated waveguide, two-arm helical antenna, double ridged horn …

Design & Simulation of Double U-Slot Microstrip. Patch Antenna for WiMAX Application. Md. Suaibur Rahman 1, Md. Munjure Mowla 2, Md. Mahabub Alam 3. Abstract — This paper presents the numerical simulation of double U-slots microstrip patch antenna for W iMAX application. The proposed antenna is feed by the Transmission line.

The antenna gives the first resonant frequency due to patch itself and small U slot. And it resonates at another frequency for the insertion of second U slot inside the patch. To create another resonant frequency at 2.4 GHz for WLAN applications second U slot is inserted inside the patch which in bigger in size than that of previous one. Figure ... Double U-Shaped Slots Loaded Stacked Patch Antenna for ... The upper patch is double U-shaped slot loaded stacked patch and the lower patch is the H-slot loaded fed patch. Due to the presence of the stacked patch antenna, there are two resonances associated with the two resonators [12]. Microstrip patch with a dielectric cover is considered as a single patch with a semi-infinite superstore with re- Compact double U-Slots Patch Antenna for Mobile WiMAX ...

Asymmetric Double U-Slot Multi-frequency Antenna for WLAN/5G ...

A slot planar patch antenna is designed, simulated and fabricated to operate at 2.8 GHz (from 2.794 to 2.846 GHz), at 3.1 GHz (from 3.145 to 3.196 GHz), at 3.6 GHz (from 3.56 to 3.3644 GHz), at 4.7 GHz (from 4.684 to 4.772 GHz) and at 5.4 GHz (from 5.423 to 5.526 GHz) for WiMAX/LTE and WLAN applications according to return loss simulation results.