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Short-term memory (known as RAM, which stands for 'random access memory') is the part of the computer's memory that is used by the processor to store data. RAM needs a continuous power supply to retain information. The most common brands are Corsair, Crucial, Kingston and G.Skill.

HP Integrity Servers - Wikipedia The 2U rx2800 i2 server used the Intel Itanium 9300 series chipset with 8, 4 or 2 processor cores available. Among features common for the series: [2] Memory card - Wikipedia A memory card, flash card or memory cartridge is an electronic flash memory data storage device used for storing digital information. Altix - Wikipedia

It is the higher-speed successor to DDR and DDR2 and predecessor to DDR4 synchronous dynamic random-access memory (Sdram) chips.

It's more to do with the stress on the memory controller. ... Does having 4 sticks allow all 4 slots to communicate at once thus speeding things up, or does having only 1 stick ... If you have 16gb and you use 8gb, how is it used? Multi-channel memory architecture - Wikipedia

In Windows 10, on the performance tab, under memory in task manager, it says "Slots used: 1 of 2" I was wondering if this is reliable. Searching my laptop online suggests that it only has one slot.

when using 4 dual sided dimms, the amd64 memory controller has some trouble with the strain of handling so many chips, the effects vary from revision tobut the problem is, how is he gonna run 2 Gb made up of 6 sticks in only 4 slots? i would suggest that your friend sells of the 256mb sticks and... If you have a Mac OS X 10.7.5 with 4 slots of RAM and 2 … How many memory slots on your motherboard are used and how much ram is instlled in each slot? Every motherboard is different depending upon which one you're using. Most of your basic motherboards have at least two memory slots and the more expensive for advanced motherboards... hardware - Mac Pro Memory - Should I use 8 RAM slots… Dual-processor computers have eight memory slots, four per processor.Note: Populating slot 4 or 8 slightly drops maximum memory bandwidth, but depending on the applications used, overall system performance may benefit from the larger amount of memory . motherboards-cpu-ram - 4 slots for RAM, two different... |… Will it matter which slots they go in? Actually, I believe I'm looking at dual channel, two slots.If it is an ASUS for example then mixing different brands of ram is a bad idea let alone different sizes. The main thing is, if you want to use dual channel then they have to be all the same size and density.

There is a rectangle for each memory slot, and each rectangle will be labeled "Empty", or with the capacity of the chip inserted. For even more info, go to File-> System Report. In the new window that appears, click Memory in the list on the left.

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