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There’s a reason that basic strategy exists for blackjack and the math supports it. Understanding the probable outcome before even playing certain hands will go a long way in making you a better blackjack player. Even if you’re just playing blackjack to hang out with friends, knowing basic strategy will allow your bankroll to last longer.

Is hi-low a bad idea for DD : blackjack - reddit Does your friend have any reasons behind his assertion? I could say [X] is the worse for [Y], but without any reasoning or logic behind it, why should anyone pay attention? Things to do to improve your profitability at DD without paying attention to things your friends say: A. Add 20-30 basic strategy deviations to your play. Card Counting for Dummies: 7 Steps to Winning at Blackjack Apr 01, 2014 · The whole idea behind this strategy is to know when you have an advantage and, consequently, to know when to bet more. Using this technique, you will be able to minimize your losses and make decisions based on the remaining cards. Here are seven essential things you need to learn, if you want to win at blackjack: 1. Learn basic blackjack strategy. Learning Basic Strategy in Blackjack Has Many Salutary Effects Blackjack requires decisions on every hand. Many of these decisions are obvious: if you get twenty points, stand! Some are a lot less obvious. There is a basic strategy card that will increase your chances of winning dramatically. By learning the chart and using it religiously, you can win with just a … Tutorial on Basic Blackjack Strategy part 2

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Free Bet Blackjack - Blackjack - Gambling - Page 39 ... But the logic behind more aggressive doubling isn't clicking for me. I might be misunderstanding something about the rules. I'm assuming that if I real-money double my free hand and then tie the dealer, I lose the free bet chip but push the double, but if I'm wrong about that then it would change things. The TRUTH about Basic Strategy - Blackjack

Learning blackjack basic strategy can dramatically reduce the house edge and increase your odds of winning! ... The logic behind when to surrender and when not to revolves around the particular type of blackjack you are playing. i.e. whether the dealer is required to hit or stand on a soft 17.

Blackjack basic strategy math | Games for every taste… Understanding The Math Behind Blackjack Strategy. Basic Strategy is the first thing you need to know before you can start beating blackjack with card counting. Colin will walk you through Basic Blackjack Strategy with these videos from our premium video course but first, here is the basic... Blackjack Basic Strategy Guide, Optimal Plays, Card…

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