Gambling age lowered to 18

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Age of candidacy is the minimum age at which a person can legally qualify to hold certain elected government offices. In many cases, it also determines the age at which a person may be eligible to stand for an election or be granted ballot …

Should Nevada Lower Its Gambling Age to 18? Nevada legislators may consider a bill to lower the legal gambling age to 18, but is this putting more people in danger of gambling addictions? Debate: The Legal Drinking and Gambling Age Should be ... Explore the pros and cons of the debate The Legal Drinking and Gambling Age Should be Reduced to 18. ... lowered the age of consent to 18 thereby allowing drinking ... Nevada Bill Would Reduce Legal Gambling Age to 18 - Nevada legal gambling age would drop to 18 if Assemblyman Jim Wheeler’s new bill is successful, but it faces an uphill battle. Should the gambling age be lowered to 15? - Quora

We review the current Louisiana gambling laws for both live and online games, with detailed information about Louisiana casinos that are open for business.

Lowering Gambling Age - Was the gambling age ever 18? Lowering Gambling Age - Poker Theory - General Poker Theory Forum. VegasMonkey the pleepleus. Should it be lowered? I remember hitting my first casinoAnd, if you want lowering gamble, you will! You just won't be able to either state excess or in a gambling forum. I see military kids that turn 18...

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Vegas Bill To Lower Gambling Age DOA. ... want to emphasize is that the proposed bill would in fact create a problem for operators if the gambling age is lowered to 18.

It's real simple: 1) The gambling age is ALREADY 18. You can buy lottery tickets at 18, which is gambling. Some states offer card rooms for people aged 18. Some states have horse race betting at 18. So you are not arguing to make a radical change merely make the law logical.

Lowering Nevada’s gambling – but not drinking – age to 18 would bring with it a host of problematic issues. (Image: The Deputy Minority Floor Leader introduced Assembly Bill 86 this week, a piece of legislation that would amend the Silver State’s gambling threshold from 21 to 18... Gambling in France - Wikipedia Gambling in France holds a current legal status. In 1987 the minimum gambling age was lowered from 21 to 18. In 1988 slots machines became legal after previously being banned. There are two main bodies responsible for the regulation of the gambling industry in France – PMU (Pari Mutuel Urbain)...